List of Attendees

Not in any particular order…

  • Paolo Ciancarini
  • Davide Fucci 
  • Hakan Erdogmus
  • Cécile Péraire
  • Nicolas Paez
  • Diego Fontdevila
  • Maira Marques
  • Daniel Russo
  • Nestor Catano
  • Mira Miroslawa Kajko Mattsson
  • Santiago Matalonga
  • Claudia Melo
  • Maria Augusta Vieira Nelson
  • Matías López
  • Pinar Muyan-Ozcelik
  • Nicolas Rosner
  • Juraj Kubelka
  • Sonia Haiduc
  • Sotiris Skevoulis

Please email if this list is inaccurate or if we missed anyone. 

Special thanks to student volunteers who attended the student panel in the afternoon. If you know who they are, again please email